About RightPay

  • What is RightPay?

    RightPay is a Pay As You Go fuel card that gives you all the benefits of a standard fuel card (fixed price diesel, HMRC approved VAT billing and much more) but with the major advantages of real time reporting on your fuel spend, and the ability to Top Up your balance via your online account 24/7 from your computer, tablet or phone. With RightPay you get as many fuel cards as you require, which you can easily manage online with your account. You will also benefit from direct access to convenient fixed diesel prices at more than 3000 stations across the UK.

  • How is RightPay different from other fuel cards?

    RightPay offers flexible Pay As You Go payments for your diesel fuel and does not require you to go through an extensive credit check. Once you receive your cards, all you need to do is Top Up your account online and then use the balance toward the purchase of diesel at selected stations. Everything else you get with other traditional fuel cards, from fixed fuel pricing to HMRC approved invoicing, comes with RightPay too. 

  • Is RightPay secure?

    Very secure indeed. Your RightPay account is not linked to your bank account, and only uses the money that you’ve already topped up. You will get direct access to real time information about your fuel spend through your online account, which makes it easy to quickly spot anything unusual.

    Topping up your RightPay account is also secure. Credit and debit card Top Ups are managed and secured by SagePay, one of the most trusted Internet payment service provider. 

  • Will you carry out a credit check when I apply?

    No, but we will carry a ID and Fraud verification check to help us decide whether we are able to offer you RightPay. This is what it's called a 'soft' search and it will not affect your credit score rating in any way. If you're applying as a Limited Company, we will only do a basic internal check of your credentials. 

    If you've been turned down for fuel cards in the past because of your credit history, then you should definitely consider applying for RightPay!

  • Is RightPay available only to businesses?

    Right now we're only able to offer RightPay to Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships. We're focussed on developing RightPay to be as good as possible before expanding, watch this space!

  • How much does RightPay cost?

    RightPay gives you everything you need to manage your fuel costs for the simple price of £1 per card per month.

  • Who runs RightPay?

    Rightpay is powered by the team at The Right Fuelcard Company, one of the leading distributors of fuel cards in the UK. Head to the About Us page to find out more. 


  • What can I do with my RightPay cards?

    You can use your RightPay cards to pay for fuel at more than 1,700 stations in the UK. Before you can start using your cards, you'll need to top up your account balance which will be used to fund your transactions. When your balance runs down, all you have to do is top up again. 

  • What can I buy with my cards?

    RightPay is designed to purchase standard diesel. You may use your cards to pay for unleaded fuel or other non-fuel related products, however such items may incur in a surcharge. 

  • How do I pay with my cards?

    It couldn't be easier! Fill up your vehicle, walk into the shop at the filling station and hand over your RightPay card to the cashier. Always make sure you've got a sufficient available balance on your RightPay account to cover your transaction. Some locations, such as unmanned stations, will require a PIN to confirm your payment, whilst other will ask you to sign.

  • Can I have multiple cards under one account?

    Yes, you can have and use as many cards as you want to. All your cards can be managed via your RightPay online account, so you can easily monitor your spending even if the cards are used by different drivers. 

    When you top up, the money will be deposited into your account and your RightPay balance will be shared across all your cards. 

  • How long will it take for my cards to arrive?

    Once we have approved your application, we aim to get cards dispatched to you within 3-5 working days. If your cards haven’t arrived after 5 days from receiving your welcome email, please send us a message through our contact form

  • My cards have arrived, what’s next?

    The cards are active and you can start using them as soon as you receive them. Just make sure you've topped up your account before and that your available balance is enough to cover your transactions. You can top up and check your RightPay balance on the dashboard of your online account

    At some stations, such as unmanned sites, you might need to enter your PIN to authorise your transactions. Your PIN codes are saved in the 'Manage Cards' section of your online account.   


  • Where can I use my cards?

    RightPay is accepted at more than 1,800 stations around the UK, and new stations are added regularly. Use our handy site locator to quickly find available stations around your preferred location.

    The network is known as 'multi-branded' and includes leading fuel brands such as selected Shell, Esso and BP, giving you excellent coverage on both motorways and urban areas. RightPay is also accepted at all Morrisons and Co-operative stations.

  • Can I use my cards outside the UK?

    No, RightPay cards can only be used at participating stations in the UK. 

  • What price do I pay with Rightpay?

    When you use your RightPay cards to buy standard diesel fuel at participating stations, you pay a fixed price which is calculated weekly and it’s closely linked to the wholesale fuel market. You'll get a notification every Friday by email or text with your price for the following week (Monday to Sunday).

  • Where are my PIN codes?

    To find the PIN codes for your cards log in to your online account and select 'My Cards' and then 'Manage Cards' from the navigation menu. Here you will see a table with details for each card registered on your account, including PIN codes. If you have more than one card linked to your account, each one will have its own specific PIN.

    You will not have to enter your PIN every time you use your cards, as a PIN is usually required only when filling up at unmanned stations and pay at pump machines.


  • What do I do if one of my card is lost or stolen?

    Send us a request to stop your card as soon as you notice that the card is missing. Log in to your online account and select 'My Cards' and then 'Manage Cards' from the navigation menu. Here you will find a table with a list of all your cards. Click the red Stop button in the 'Action' column. The request will be reviewed by our team and you will receive an email confirmation when the card has been stopped. 

  • How do I stop a card?

    Log in to your online account and select 'My Cards' and then 'Manage Cards' from the navigation menu. Here you will find a table with a list of all your cards. Click the red Stop button in the 'Action' column. The request will be reviewed by our team and you will receive an email confirmation when the card has been stopped. 

  • How do I order a new card?

    You can request one or more cards in your online account. Log in to your account and select 'My Cards' and then 'Order New Cards'. You will be able to choose the purchase options for each card ordered. The new cards should be with you within 5 working days.

Top Up

  • How do I Top Up my RightPay account?

    There are 3 ways to Top Up:

    1.  Debit or credit card: Log in to your online account, click on 'Top Up' from your dashboard, enter your preferred amount and follow the instructions. You can select a card you've used in the past or register a new card. Online payments are secured by SagePay, one of the most trusted independent payment service provider.

    2. Standing order: Ask your bank to send us a regular payment on a date of your choice. For more information about setting up a standing order, log in to your online account and click on 'Top Up' from your dashboard. You'll find the instructions under 'Payment Options'. 

    3. BACS: You can Top Up by making a payment directly from your bank account. For more information about topping up by BACS, log in to your online account and click on 'Top Up' from your dashboard. You'll find the instructions under 'Payment Options'. 

  • What are the Top Up processing times?


    If you Top Up between 7am and 9pm, your RightPay balance should be updated within the next 30 minutes. Top Ups made between 9pm and 6am will be live in your RightPay balance by 7am. Occasionally, delays may occur due to planned website maintenance. Should that happen, we'll post an update in the notice board in your online account.


    The money should reach your RightPay balance within 24 hours (or 72 hours when you Top Up over the weekend).

  • How do I know if my Top Up has been successful?

    When you Top Up online by credit or debit card, we'll send you an email to confirm your payment. If you've topped up by standing order or BACS transfer, keep an eye on your RightPay account balance. The money can take up to 24 hours to reach your account, or 72 hours when you Top Up over the weekend.

  • Can I get a Top Up reminder?

    Yes, we can remind you when it's time to Top Up by sending you an alert as soon as your balance reaches or goes below a threshold you set. To set up alerts, log in to your online account, select 'My Account' from the navigation bar and then 'Manage Alerts' under 'Account Functions'. Here you can choose how you want to receive alerts (by email, text or both) and set your threshold. You can edit or stop alerts at any time by selecting 'I don't want alerts'.

Fill Ups

  • How do I know if my RightPay card is accepted at the station?

    The best and quickest way to find out is to check our site locator

  • Will I get a receipt for my fill up transactions?

    After processing the transaction, the cashier will provide you with a receipt, but the beauty of RightPay is that you don't need to keep each piece of paper!

    Your fill ups transactions from a week are compiled into one handy receipt, which will appear in your online account every Wednesday. Receipts can be used for accounting purposes and look just like invoices, the only difference being that they’ve already been paid for with you RightPay balance.

    Each receipt will show a list of all the fill up transactions made with your RightPay cards the previous week (Monday to Sunday). If you don’t fill up with RightPay for a week, you will not see any receipt appearing in your online account.

    You can view, download or print your fill up receipts by log into your online account and select 'Fill Up Receipts and Top Up History' under 'View History'.

    Our receipts are fully HMRC approved, meaning you can use them to claim back VAT if your circumstances allow.

  • My card has been declined, why?

    Some of the reasons declines might happen include:

    - The station isn't part of the RightPay network: you will need an alternative payment method to complete the transaction. To find out if RightPay is accepted, check our site locator or ask the cashier before filling up your vehicle. 

    - You don't have enough balance to cover your transaction: If you are at the station and realise your balance is not enough, you can Top Up through your online account with your debit or credit card using your smartphone or tablet (you will need an internet connection to access your online account). Please note that it could take up to one hour to receive the Top Up payment in your account. 

  • Is there a transaction fee?

    Nope, you won’t be charged a transaction fee when paying with your RightPay card. 

Online Account

  • What is the RightPay online account?

    Your online account is all you need to manage your RightPay cards and monitor your fuel spend whenever it suits you.

    Here are some of the things you can do with your account:

    - Top Up and view your available balance.

    - View details of your fuel transactions.

    - Stop and order cards.

    - View, download and print your fill up transactions receipts.

    - Set up alerts to remind you when it's time to Top Up.

  • How do I sign up for my online account?

    Our team will set up your RightPay online account automatically if your application is accepted. The online account is fully accessible from your computer and tablet. 

    On the go? Log in from your smartphone to do more important stuff, like topping up and view your available RightPay balance, whenever and wherever you are. 

  • What do I do if I forget my log in details?

    - Username: this will be the full email address you used to create your account. If you can't remember it, please let us know and we'll send you a reminder. 

    - Password: To create a new password, visit the log in page, click on 'Forgot your Password' and follow the instructions. 

  • Can I access my account with an App?

    There isn't a RightPay app available yet, but we might provide one in the future. You can still access your online account from your smartphone and tablet providing you have an internet connection available. 

  • How do I change my account details?

    To send us a request to change your account details, select 'My Account' from the navigation menu and then 'Request Account Details Change'. Pick the information you want to change and follow the instructions. Our team will review your request before updating your details, so it may take a few days to see the updated details live in your online account. 

    Please note that editing your email address will not change your username for your online account.  If you'd like to change your username please send us a message

  • Can I see a list of all my cards?

    Yes, you can access information for all the cards linked to your account, including those that aren't active, by selecting 'Manage Cards' and then 'My Cards' from the navigation menu of your online account.

  • How can I view my fill ups?

    To view the transactions made on your RightPay cards, log in to your online account and select 'View History' and then 'Fill Up Details'. The default view will be all the fill up transactions made in the last 90 days. Use the filters to quickly find what you're looking for. You can view up to 90 days worth of transactions at once. It will take one or two days for fill ups to appear in your online account. 

    Details of your fill ups will appear in your online account 1 or 2 after the transaction has been made.


  • How can I close my account?

    We're sorry you want to leave us! If you'd like to discuss any issue you had with RightPay and see if we can fix it, send us a message and our team will be in touch.

    If you've made up your mind and there's nothing we can do, please send us a request to close your account. Log in to your online account and select 'My Account' from the navigation menu, then 'Close Account'. You will get an email confirmation as soon as your account is closed.

    Before you submit your request, we’ll ask you to tell us the reason why you're leaving. This helps us improve RightPay and the service we offer so your feedback is really appreciated.

RightPay is accepted at more than 1800 stations around the UK.

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