How It Works

Get Rightpay and take control of your fuel costs. It's easy.

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    Fill out our quick application form – it takes less than a minute - and we'll call you to get you set up. While you explore your RightPay online account, we’ll pop your cards straight into the post and they should be with you in 3 to 5 days.

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    Top Up

    When your cards arrive, you'll need to Top Up your RightPay account balance. You can Top Up online with a credit card or by bank transfer. Online Top Ups are backed by SagePay, the industry leader in secure internet transactions, to give you complete peace of mind. Take a look at our FAQs for more information about Top Up processing times.

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    Fill up

    Account set up? Checked! Cards arrived? Checked! Topped up? Checked! Then you’re ready to go!

    Every Friday you’ll get an email notification with your diesel price, which is applicable for the following week (Monday to Sunday). To pay, simply fill up your vehicle as normal and hand your RightPay card over to the cashier. The payment will be funded with your RightPay account balance, so make sure you always have enough to cover your purchase.

    Our handy site locator makes it easy to discover where RightPay is accepted - give it a try now! You can use RightPay at more than 3,000 stations in the UK, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find a station near you whenever you are.

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    Your online account lets you track every drop of fuel bought with RightPay, giving you total control of the fuel spend across your business.

    We’ll compile all your fill ups from the week into one handy receipt, which will appear in your online account every Wednesday. This cuts down on administration, making all those small fiddly bits of paper a thing of the past! Our receipts are fully HMRC approved to let you claim back VAT easily, if your circumstances allow.

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    Top Up your RightPay account, fill up your vehicle and track your fuel spend in real time. it's that simple! If you still have some questions about RightPay, check out our FAQs page.

    Ready to join the fuel card revolution? Apply now.

Powerful fuel reporting at your fingertips

Your online account is all you need to manage your RightPay card and keep track of your spending effortlessly. Get immediate access to comprehensive and user-friendly reporting over your cards usage wherever you are, via your mobile, PC and tablet. You can even manage multiple cards with one account and get the clear picture of the fuel costs across your business in seconds.

More reasons to use RightPay

  • Money saver
    No credit checks

    RightPay is a prepaid fuel card, so you Top it Up and only pay for what you use. When you apply, we'll carry out an ID and fraud verification check to confirm that you're eligible.

  • Money saver
    Widely accepted

    RightPay is accepted at more than 3,000 stations! To find the closest station to you, use our handy Site Locator.

  • Money saver
    For every business

    Simple. Effective. Hassle-Free. Whether you have one car or a fleet of 1,000 HGV, consider RightPay for your business fuel management and take back control over your spend.

  • Money saver
    Secure payments

    RightPay is not linked to your bank account, it only uses the funds that you've already topped up. Our Top Up system is backed by SagePay - one of the world's leaders in online card payment processing.

Questions about RightPay? Get the answers here.

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RightPay is accepted at more than 1800 stations around the UK.

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